Cat ear?? fox ears!!

Aii Ugly & Beautiful,
For Neko-mimi Dance💕

I've been buying stuff from here for the past a years. I was always happy with the those
ugly and beautiful things.
few hour ago I bought lovely Bento Ear.unbelievably,it was Freeeee!
I wanna hunt a Cat Ear, but this is a FOX ear lol.
okie, Wore it asap and they look like fluffy enough. so who cares cats or foxies❤🍀
hey look, so cute?
really so fansy quality🎵🎵
strongly recommended🌻🌷🌼🌹

overall,I love to looking around here.
this Bento Ear fat pack is Free!
Meh meowing(ФωФ)🎆🎇
this is a way I fold my ear❤
aw Couldn't hide my bloody fangs lately lol

Slightly flashed back "a Kazeno tabibito" world




and Hiya,time to got gathering with

pretty Dancers..
Here cames situation!(つд;*)
my dear Mac gotta melt downed.....
Hello Huston, Could You slove it??
the answer was "Hey Moon, Negative,over!"
it was Remakable tragedy ever....
I apologize for this happen,
really heartbreak for I made my friends into such a mess><
Try again, Try re-challanege!
life will go on..:)))

here is your creepy winds for ugly and beautiful
Aii The Ugly & Beauitful,

For The prancing Pony Cafe

by piapiameow | 2017-08-10 22:57 | sweet & kawaii | Comments(0)

enjoy SL life. Sunny Roadside Cafe. ABC Horse, Bloodlines Vampire Freindly

by ☆.。:*゚ぴあ☆.。:*゚